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WOD: Run, Toes-to-Bar, Push-Press, SDHP, Pull-Up

WOD: Run, Toes-to-Bar, Push-Press, SDHP, Pull-Up

This is an alternating run chipper, which often means the run is the “rest.” I like to think about what part is challenging and what can be completed unbroken. When an overhead lift is posted, I know there will be breaks. So, to make up time I need to set a goal of getting at least five at a time without dropping the bar, but just racking it during the break. When recording your times each day, be sure to write down your rep strategy so you can see that progress over time.

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  1. April 25, 2013 at 8:08 PM
    19:23 Rx’d

    This was tough and I haven’t had any time off 🙂 Krista pulled way ahead on the push press but I came back on the pull-ups, which is surprising since I did Jackie last night. No ripped blisters, yay!

    Krista you did so well! Thanks for joining me!

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