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WOD: Pull-Up, Box Jump, Alternating One-Legged Squats

WOD: Pull-Up, Box Jump, Alternating One-Legged Squats

This picture is my amazing and handsome brother, Joshua, on the day he graduated from boot-camp and joined his fellow Marines on base. What an emotional day! We are proud of all his accomplishments, then and now. A big part of military training is physical. They work your body to be at its best, and ready for all life has to offer.

We do these exercises, albeit in a suburban garage, with a lot of those thoughts in mind, too. Like, what if my child fell and I had to run, carrying her (at 100 pounds) over my shoulder back home? What if my car broke down and I had to run 10 miles to get help? It’s amazing to know your body is strong and ready for any challenge!

Enjoy this unique, whole-body wod, and get yourself mentally and physically in shape.

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