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WOD: Fran (Benchmark)

WOD: Fran (Benchmark)

While this is one the most well-known benchmark WOD’s, it can often cause too much anticipation! Be prepared to set a P.R. but just stay focused on each rep. Watch the WOD demo here. There is a short interview about Mikko Salo in the beginning and you can skip past that to see his utterly amazing performance, finishing at 2:16.

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  1. Felt good, got 11 thrusters, then just held the bar racked, then did 10. Got 8 pull-ups in a row, then 7, then 5 at a time. 2nd round I dropped the bar once. Pull-ups were about 5 at a time. 3rd round I did drop the bar once, pull-ups were 5, 3 then 1!

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