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WOD: Dumbbell Thruster, Pull-Up, Ring-Dip

WOD: Dumbbell Thruster, Pull-Up, Ring-Dip

While this is a little more tricky to adapt while on the road, it can be done. The best options are the sleek and portable pull-up bar and rings from Rogue. You just need a sturdy tree! If you don’t have those items yet, some great places to look for pull-up bars are near a high school’s track or a jungle gym at a playground, so be on the look-out. In these scenarios it helps if you do have children and/or are not creepy. Either way, the WOD will be over in minutes, and you’ll be on to enjoying the day at the beach.

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  1. Ring dips with purple band. Felt like I could have gone faster, but arms were toasty by the time I got to ring dips. First round of db thrusters unbroken, one break each round after that. Love work-outs in the air conditioned garage!

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