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WOD: “Christine” (Benchmark) & Squat Clean, Sit-Up

WOD: “Christine” (Benchmark) & Squat Clean, Sit-Up

After rowing, deadlifts and box jumps, the old legs should be feeling some fatigue. Form and efficiency are essential to have a great, final time. I can tend to hold back on the row after completing the other two movements, so I’ll focus on pushing to a slightly faster-than-normal pace, and picking up the bar immediately. Rest will come in the middle of the DL’s, when the hands are fatigued, and the box jumps can be completed at an unbroken, steady pace.

Wall ball squat cleans are an excellent way to refine the squat, and prepare for more advanced lifts. To modify sit-ups, use an abmat and hold a weight bumper. If sit-ups are challenging, try knee-raises. You can also keep knees straight up or in the butterfly position.

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