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WOD: Barbell Overhead Walk, Barbell Lunge, Farmers Carry

WOD: Barbell Overhead Walk, Barbell Lunge, Farmers Carry

Honestly, I had to look up all the movements in the WOD. YouTube has a great variety of videos for the exercises and these are all foreign to me. That makes is much more fun though! Who knows what kind of grueling torture we’re in for? Warm-up with a strength focused clean and jerk ladder. Cool down, go for a short run, then dive into the WOD.

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  1. I love trying out new WOD’s! This was such a challenge in finding the right weight not having done barbell lunges before. The first issues were with my wrists…they were incredibly painful during the very first overhead walk. Then lunges did a number on everything, wrists included! Farmer carry was a rest! By the third round of lunges I had to drop the bar halfway just to regain grip strength. Thanks to Julie for joining again! You are SO strong and fast. Nice work!

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