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WOD: AMRAP Run, Thruster, Sit-up, Burpees, Toes-to-Bar

WOD: AMRAP Run, Thruster, Sit-up, Burpees, Toes-to-Bar

Sometimes, well almost always, I check out other people’s times before completing a WOD. In this case, I read the results incorrectly! During the entire wo, I felt disappointed in my performance because I couldn’t understand why I was so behind the other results. When I discovered my mistake, it was a great lesson! First, always do your best regardless of others around you (or those who posted times before you). Also, being discouraged in the middle of a WOD is ridiculous! After all, you are making a healthy decision to even attempt the wo. Try to focus on positive energy only and be thankful for a strong and healthy body that lets you move. Finally, have fun for goodness sake. It’s just exercise.

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  1. I should not have let myself get frustrated, but was feeling sorry for myself because I thought I was about HALF as fast as another posted time. I read the post incorrectly! I was still a little slower, but only by a few reps. 🙂 Silly me.

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