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WOD: AMRAP Box Jump, Push-up, Pull-up

WOD: AMRAP Box Jump, Push-up, Pull-up

AMRAP’s are always a good way to keep up that intensity…you know it won’t last forever so you have to squeeze in every rep up to the last second. This one will pump up the HR on box jumps, but push-ups and pull-ups should allow it to lower slightly. Keep up good form on push-ups and be sure to scale with knees down if you’re snaking up off the ground. Enjoy!

Thanks to Fitness Estrella!

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  1. 6 rounds + 14 BJ, Rx’d

    This was a great wod! Was able to keep up momentum throughout and everything unbroken except last two rounds of pull-ups were 4/3. Thanks to Julie for joining me! You are doing so well and learning all of the movements. 17″ box jump PR today! Also, your form on pull-ups with the green band is perfect. Next up, blue band. 🙂

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