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WOD: 3 Rounds of 800m Run, 2 Minutes Rest

WOD: 3 Rounds of 800m Run, 2 Minutes Rest

Give it your all on this long sprint. Here are some tips from, for which the basic tenets of high-intensity training will prepare you:

Keys to Running 800 meters Fast
– Great ability to Produce Energy during the duration of the 800m
– Great ability to Run Economically (getting most speed for energy produced in body)
– Ability to Tolerate Discomfort of running hard
– Great strategy to Maximize Abilities
– Great Training
– No injuries!

Metabolic Aspects of 800 meters
– Anaerobic than Aerobic
*Must have anaerobic power for speed
*Must have aerobic power to race all 800m
– Requires optimal Balance of Anaerobic/Aerobic training. More than any race distance!
– Must be able to produce Maximal Energy
*Maximal ability to use glycolysis and Krebs cycle
*Maximal ability to circulate blood and deliver oxygen to muscles

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