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WOD: 10 Rounds Deadlift, Push-up

WOD: 10 Rounds Deadlift, Push-up

This is a fast-paced work-out so speed through your strength and push through any weaknesses. Personally, the push-ups will be much more of a challenge than the deadlifts, which can be done unbroken. So, I will really have to focus on setting a number of reps that’s manageable and hitting that goal, like five at a time, especially toward the end.

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  1. 16:12 Rx’d

    Made some progress over the previous time, but I wanted to be at 15 mins. All DL’s unbroken, pushups became 6/6/3 by the end with some breaks. Good WOD!

    11/28/2011 – 17:16 Rx’d, pushups were 10/5 for first 6 rounds, then 5 at a time

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