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Whole 30 – Diet? Health? Lifestyle?

Whole 30 – Diet? Health? Lifestyle?

I have never wanted to go on a “diet,” however, that’s what we just did! After my cousin successfully completed her 30 days following this system, she reported weight loss across the family (let me note: this family is extremely fit and active!). What was more interesting, however, was increased energy, fewer digestion issues, and an overall new vision of “food.” Working through the weekly menu was a lesson for the whole family, and they supported each other every day. It sounded like a amazingly fulfilling alternative to eating a microwaved frozen lasagna in front of the TV at night!

Although we have been following the Paleo ideals, it was easy to cheat every once in awhile, like eating food that was “sugar free,” but filled with additives. Once those processed ingredients are removed from the diet for 30 days, your body has begun healing from the inflammation it suffers as a result of poor food choices. So, while losing weight is nice (as we start thinking about bathing suit season), the real benefit is better health. After reading labels consistently for a month, and feeling better, one may also make that leap to a permanent lifestyle change. Why eat those things which are making us sick? There are delicious alternatives! The cost is reasonable, too. When you compare buying a jicama vs. buying a bag of potato chips, you will save several dollars. Now consider the cost of eating out, even at a fast food restaurant, and the benefits are multiplied.

So, we read the website, and stocked the kitchen on Sunday. We are going to be posting our food, thoughts about the “diet,” struggles and successes! Day one was already a challenge, so blogging the process will be valuable in this exercise. Stay tuned!

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