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Who We Are

We are a garage gym in Estrella, part of Goodyear, Arizona, offering individually personalized high-intensity fitness training for every person at every athletic level. Fully-equipped with materials that replicate real-world, functional movements, we can offer an unlimited amount of different workouts using combinations of equipment and body weight movements. Each athlete will complete an assessment to determine initial starting levels of intensity, ability, weight, and body fat. Then, the athlete and coach will establish goals for both the training period and long term, everyday life. Whether you want to lose weight or run a marathon in record time, every session will build toward those general goals.

Mechanics will be taught during the lesson and warm-up each day, and are the main focus of our training. Proper technique and form will ensure not only safety but efficiency, and when mastered, virtuosity in the movements. Consistency is the most important factor of any training program. One major reason to work with a dedicated coach is to know they will be prepared and waiting for you each day. There are no chances to skip or cherry-pick WOD's! After a solid routine is established, the next step is turning up the volume during workouts. Intensity is the intangible factor that determines an athlete’s success, and is harnessed through community camaraderie and in the competitive nature of chasing those established goals. Bring your A-game to every session! This may not be a regional or national competition, but your best performance is always required. Good nutrition at home is equally important as efforts at the gym. Common misconceptions about food include “calories in, calories out,” and you may consider splurging on high calorie treats after a tough work-out, feeling you have “earned” it. Resist that urge! Well beyond calorie considerations, recovery, energy levels and overall improvements will be hampered by this outdated mantra. Grains, dairy and sugar can cause many problems including inflammation and hormonal imbalances. In order to determine if these expectations were met, journals will be provided to track daily mechanics lessons, WOD's, and food intake. Follow this prescription for performance and the results will follow!

Every workout will be logged, recorded and analyzed. This will result in positive responses and reinforcement on form and technique, and the ultimate measure of success in achieving established goals. Using video cameras, we can review all aspects of the WOD during the cool-down.

The sessions are private, and you will receive personal attention and accountability. People new to personal training will feel more secure in a small environment before heading to those crowded group WODs. Seasoned athletes who need to step up performance will receive dedicated gym time for practicing a wide range of movements and receive thorough feedback. Scaling will be customized to every need, whether due to an old injury, age, expertise, specific sports or goals. Monthly reviews will cover weight, body fat and goal-setting to ensure progress. We will match your efforts in the gym in preparing the right environment and tracking success.

Our Trainers:

Jenette Bennett

Jenette Crossing Finish Line
Jenette Bennett is a CrossFit Level 1 Certified trainer, and owner of Estrella Junkyard Fitness. She has been offering high-intensity personal fitness training for nearly two years out of the garage or at neighborhood parks. Seeing the remarkable effects of this exercise regimen, she opened the garage gym to help others adopt to this healthy lifestyle.

Jenette Bennett

Estrella is a neighborhood and community that thrives on fitness. After years of living down the street from an avid high-intensity fitness group, Fitness Estrella, Jenette registered for a three-month personal training program out of the friend’s garage. She was unaware of how those three months, and the following years, would change her life.

Once the personal training started, Jenette was hooked. The concept of completing a work-out, all-out, under pressure of a timer tapped into a serious competitive drive! Then came the constant research. It’s easy to start watching WOD demo’s and reading journal articles…a lot…in order to perfect the movement forms and shave seconds off the clock. The neighborhood camaraderie built by Fitness Estrella was the third element which made this experience a truly permanent lifestyle change.

Jenette Bennett

In less than a year from starting her training, Jenette had completed the Tough Mudder, a 13 mile mud race with over 20 obstacles benefitting the Wounded Warrior Project, and the Lost Dutchman half-marathon in 2:27. Having never run races before, those were two important accomplishments. It was evident that high-intensity fitness training, with little endurance training, had been the source of strength in completing those challenges. Scheduled for even more races at longer distances this year, the goal now is faster times in a wider range of venues, from the P.F. Chang's Rock 'n Roll Halfarathon, Ragnar Del Sol, and the Leadville Heavy Half Trail Marathon in Colorado.