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What We Do

Our High-Intensity Fitness Training is a broad, core strength and conditioning program.

The objective of each workout is general physical preparedness, and is not targeted for any single, specific result. Athletes trained with this method will learn a broad range of skills, metabolic conditioning, gymnastics and weightlifting mixed in a random pattern of sequences. While constantly varied, no skill will be mastered! However, our program of one-on-one training will ensure proper form to maximize efficiency and results. These functional movements will mimic real-life challenges, which is why high-intensity fitness training is the chosen method of fitness training for the world’s first responders and military personnel. You will learn to move increasingly heavy loads over longer distances at faster speeds. This is the groundwork for responding to unknown and unknowable events. The methodology used is an open-source format, where athletes around the world post their WOD results in a simple, blog format at Every combination of movements is based on the countless entries of empirical evidence provided by individuals around the world, some in the deserts of the Middle East, some in garage gyms! Implemented as the “sport of fitness,” this method is not only built by the community, but also builds community as athletes compete against each other every day. Programming of WOD's will reflect the challenge required of our competitors, and is a specialized function of the coach! While random, there is a method to how the WOD’s are structured. Tracking monthly will allow us to include each type of movement in the hopper.

Moving an individual along from sickness, to wellness, to fitness is the intent of high-intensity fitness training. It is not about being a shredded, muscled powerhouse! Image may be a nice side-effect, but we will keep our sights on the quantifiable aspects of fitness such as blood pressure, body fat, muscle mass, etc. Getting there will first require the general physical skills of:

  • 1. Cardio endurance
  • 2. Stamina
  • 3. Strength
  • 4. Flexibility
  • 5. Power
  • 6. Speed
  • 7. Coordination
  • 8. Agility
  • 9. Balance
  • 10. Accuracy

Next, results of WOD performance using an unlimited combination of these elements will measure capacity to perform compared to others. Finally, an athlete will develop and balance the three metabolic engines for energy (phosphagen, glycolytic and oxidative pathways) allowing for high, moderate, and low-powered activities. The true definition of fitness is based on these three, broad, general, and inclusive standards.