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Vacation WOD’s!

Vacation WOD’s!

Do you work-out on vacation? Or is that time for unlimited eating and sitting? Years ago, I would have agreed with the latter. Now that fitness is a priority, I look forward to work-outs, even on vacation. In fact, it’s more enjoyable going for a run, bike ride or doing a WOD in a new place. I also know that coming back into tough WOD’s after time-off can be PAINFUL.

Certain websites are my friends on a vacation, like, for running specific distances. Another option is getting directions in Google Maps, choose Walking as your method, and it will often display hidden trails around town. Finally, you can always search for bodyweight WOD’s on this site.

While packing, sneak in a few pieces of equipment to get a killer work-out! My traveling staples are jump ropes and kettle bells, which can both pump the heart rate considerably and only use a small space. If you are taking the kids on a walk, stop and do burpees for two minutes every two minutes for a set amount of time, and count your reps. At the park, monkey bars are a good place for a knees-to-elbows or toes-to-bar WOD. Get creative! Explore your vacation spot on foot. Have fun, and you’ll always look forward to exercising on vacation.

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