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Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation

Starting in May, the only question asked is, “What are your plans for the summer?” Arizona heats up quickly, and we can’t help but plan an escape, even while sitting outside by the fire pit in December. San Diego is a popular spot and practically a second home to most Phoenicians. Our family has taken many vacations there, and will continue to do so considering the temperature change from Yuma to El Centro is about 30 degrees, and continues to decline while driving west.

However, we still love our state! After all, we get about nine months of weather bliss. A few dust storms in the fall and we’re back outside. We continue to use the garage gym or just the outdoors during the summer, but play it safe. Luckily, the garage is air conditioned and insulated. This has helped for the gym but also keeps the house cool. There are countless WOD’s that can be done in a contained, small space. The outdoor WOD’s are usually related to running or heavy deadlifts, which is not much of a limitation! Running done early morning or after dark is absolutely manageable. Afternoon running WOD’s should be short sprints with alternating exercises out of the sun. Hydration is important but remember the positive effects of additional fluid are seen in 24-48 hours. We have a lot of hiking rescues on our trails at this time of year, and even seasoned athletes can have problems with too much heat exposure. If you take precautions, though, it’s a good time to make some progress on intensity and benefit from better times in the winter.

So! Vacations are fun, but the street outside your garage is forever.

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