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Rest Day and Race Prep!

Rest Day and Race Prep!

After months of anticipation, the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon is taking place this weekend! The course is downtown and it will be busy with an average of 20,000 finishers plus friends and family in the area. Phoenix estimates the race provides about $58 million annually in economic impact…that’s a lot of people interested in fitness. The Health and Fitness Expo is a fun place to explore with the family prior to the event, while going to get that all-important race packet. And finally, to me, one of the most exciting parts of a race is involving the kids. Check out the Kids Rock race that’s taking place on Saturday at Tempe Town Lake.

I have trained with friends doing both short, high-intensity, and endurance work-outs, so it should be more than enough to meet the goal of beating my last half-marathon time. And while this race is important, there are many more ahead! Next up: Ragnar Del Sol.

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