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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
The holidays are a busy time, so we have to make a mindful effort to remember the priorities of fitness and nutrition. What better gift than a healthy body all year. Instant gratification of treats and relaxing is nice for a day. However, as soon as we can consider working-out a “treat,” it changes the perspective.

If you miss a WOD, are you upset? Do you look forward to your next one? Do you compete with your friends and your past results? These are the benchmarks to a lifetime of fitness. If you can’t find the energy on your own, invite a friend over for exercise instead of just coffee or eating a meal. Sharing that enthusiasm, your time, and yourself is the best present possible!

Most people make lofty plans at this time of year, but it’s possible to keep things simple and make a big impact. If you introduce one new habit every month, the success of retaining that habit is improved, if not guaranteed. The key is to stay focused on just one habit for the entire month. Write it down in an obvious place, and let people know what you’re working toward. After two weeks, the momentum may wane, so make a reminder calendar event. Get through the month, and you’ll get through the year, then it will become permanent.

Our best luck with changing fitness habits was when we decided to work-out every day. That sounds like a lot, but not when you vary the intensity and amount of time spent. We have lots of daily habits which we complete without thinking, like brushing teeth, taking a shower, or doing the dishes. When you can introduce a new daily habit, it’s that much easier to continue.

Here’s my weekly schedule:
Monday – Early AM office gym with co-workers
Tuesday – 6:30 PM garage gym with friends and husband
Wednesday – 6:30 PM garage gym with friends and husband
Thursday – Running outside with dogs (about 2 miles)
Friday – Early AM bodyweight WOD at home
Saturday – 9 AM garage gym with friends and husband
Sunday – 7 AM long run (5+ miles)

I’m doing “something” every day, but truthfully, the Thursday and Friday WOD’s are easy in comparison to the other days. I can do them both at home at any time that fits into the schedule. My Monday WOD is super fun because it’s with work friends and we have to do different movements with a limited gym. So, the truly tough WODS are in the garage gym, and the long run on Sunday, which is only 4 out of 7 days. The other days are fun and help to reinforce the habit.

We can all build good and bad habits. There are definitely weeks that won’t quit, with pressing deadlines and kids’ activities that feel immensely more important than an hour of lifting weights. AND, there’s always tomorrow, right? However, once the goal is set, create the habit, limit the time spent “worrying” about what and when and where…and just do it! The WOD will be done before you realize and the rest of the day is ahead.


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